Tradable HEX stakes with HexBay

What's in it for you

Referral Program

HexBay brings the referral program back! Earn 4.7% HEX on your referrals immediately when they start a stake.

Sell Stakes

Get the opportunity to sell your stakes for HEX at any time to become liquid.

Higher Interest

Stake longer than you would actually do. This allows you to earn up to 35% more interest because you hold more T-Shares.

Additional Features

Buy Stakes

Buy cheap stakes with more T-Shares and profit from other people's impatience.

Missed BigPayDay?

We introduce SmallPayDay. Collected fees get distributed to the whole staker class as EmergencyEnd penalties.

Calculator (Coming soon)

Use our comparison calculator to achieve the highest gains possible.

HexBay is in test phase. You can test it right now in the Ropsten test netowrk.